We develop sales strategies and support you to establish your business value, to identify buyers and develop the audit, accounting and legal structure. We participate in all steps until the closing deal and obtain the approval with the automaker.


With a wide knowledge of the dealership market, DBK | Dealership Brokers will help you to find a business which better fits with your goals.



Our Profile

The DBK | Dealership Brokers provides professional advice to enable negotiations to car dealers, bridging the gap between sellers and buyers. Unprecedented in Brazil, but present in the most advanced markets, the professional broker format has proved the most effective. We believe that our work will increase market liquidity, facilitating business and providing more forthcoming evaluations of reality.

Our Team

DBK Dealership Brokers

Ricardo Costin
Phone+55 319.9982-5231

DBK partner, he worked at Ford, Fiat in Brazil, McKinsey & Company and Renault in France. He is a dealer for 20 years, during which he had the opportunity to buy, sell and start several dealerships of various flags. Degree in Mechanical Engineering from IMT, a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania and specialization course (OPM) from Harvard Business School.

DBK Dealership Brokers

José Guilherme Chaves
Phone+55 319.9188-9188

DBK partner, has been working in legal field for 20 years. With expertise in business law and negotiation, the last 15 years he worked as a lawyer and Vehicle Dealers consultant, having already participated in M​​&A transactions in various sectors. Graduated in Milton Campos School of Law, has an MBA in Law, Business and Economics from FGV, post-graduation in Business Law by IEC-PUC Minas and attended improvement in Management with an emphasis in Finance from FDC - Dom Cabral Foundation.

DBK Dealership Brokers

Hilário Soldatelli

Phone+55 319.9991-0942

Degree in Bussiness Administration by Brazil’s Lutheran University, held positions as Sales Director in large corporations as Fiat and Volkswagen. Recently he was responsible for the Jeep development.

DBK Dealership Brokers

Roberto Fiuza
Phone+55 119.9977-0004

Business Administration from São Judas University and specialization course in leadership at State University of New York.- NY. Was a partner of dealerships of the brands: Volkswagen, Peugeot, Hyundai and Honda Motorcycles in Brazil and Portugal. Experience in buying and selling dealerships. He served in various executive positions, advice and president of brand associations.

DBK Dealership Brokers

Raphael Galante
Phone+55 119.8202-4922

Economist and post graduate in Engineering Economics. Works more than 18 years in the automotive sector. Provide services for automotive class entities such as ABAC; ABRACOP; ABRADIF; ANCIVE; ASSOBRAV; ASSOHONDA; ABRAHY; and others. Is a Digital Influencer for the automotive sector in the INFOMONEY portal.



1. Owner contact DBK and sign the announce of the sale;
2. Owner and DBK raise all necessary information;
3. DBK prepare the book for the sale consolidating informations regarding the dealership, the brand, the products, sector;
4. Owner and DBK develop the strategies for the sale;
5. Owner approves the book and marketing material;
6. Owner and DBK track the best buyers;
7. DBK announce the marketing material, make the research and collect the data of the prospects;
8. Qualified prospects sign the confidentially agreement and received the book;
9. Start the negotiations and selection of the best proposals;
10. Buyer and Seller close the deal;
11. DBK advice the buyer in setting up the approval process with the automaker;
12. Conclusion of the business.





  • Provide to dealership sellers a fair price for its asset.
  • Offer to buyers an opportunity to create value.
  • Give greater transparency and liquidity to the market for buying and selling dealerships.




To be undisputed reference in advise the M&A process for automotive and motorcycle dealers, obtaining the satisfaction and trust of customers and the market through effective and transparent negotiations.



  • Ethic;
  • Transparency;
  • Impartiality;
  • Confidentiality;
  • Integrity;
  • Professionalism;
  • Agility.

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