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A DBK atua junto a concessionárias de automóveis, motocicletas, caminhões e máquinas agrícolas .

See the dealerships available for sale on the website and express your interest by calling, sending an email or by filling out the "Contact" form. We will return quickly to understand in detail your needs, answer your first questions and adjust the next steps.

Contact us by phone, by email or via the "Contact" tab. We will return quickly to understand in detail your needs, answer your first questions and adjust the next steps.

Nosso trabalho leva em conta essa necessidade e pode ser executado de um modo suficientemente genérico que não permite a identificação do vendedor. Interessados tem que assinar um acordo de confidencialidade rigoroso (NDA – Non Disclosure Agreement) antes de ter acesso ao comprador.

The automaker has the power to appoint or not a prospective buyer. In general the automaker seeks a candidate with business profile, business skills and a coherent financial asset with the potential of the dealership and the brand in that area of expertise. DBK can help a buyer to prepare a solid and convincing dossier for submission to the automaker.

Probably yes. The buyer, in general, take into account the pending issues when making its proposal and negotiate a payment. DBK’s experience can be valuable in helping to shape an agreement that allows the sale but make sure the correct contingency of disputes.

DBK discloses to the market the will of a business owner to sell your business and looking for the best buyer. You can also search for a dealership by a request of the buyer. In this sense, DBK seeks to facilitate the negotiation between seller and buyer relying on its experience and extensive contact network of experts such as accountants, consultants, lawyers, etc.

Establish a value for a dealership is generally halfway between the pricing of an apartment and a great company. Apartments generally are evaluated by experienced brokers who know the amounts actually paid in sales of similar properties. The price is where demand meets supply. This experience, however, is much more rare and difficult in the evaluation of large companies. Therefore, evaluations tend to be made by projecting into the future past performance. Are multiples of EBITDA or net income. Both evaluations can be adjusted due to debts, pending litigation, etc. In addition the performande of the brand represented by the dealership is crucial to define multiple buyers are willing to pay.

Só você poderá fazer a avaliação final do negócio em função do seu perfil, dos seus recursos e da sua expertise. A DBK poderá apresentar uma concessionária adequada ao seu perfil e cujo dono deseja vender. Especialistas como contadores, consultores ou advogados podem ajudá-lo a avaliar o negócio. E, caso deseje, a DBK pode apresentá-lo a bons profissionais experientes no ramo.

Businesses varies widely in complexity and size. For this reason each case is different and is treated confidentially with the stakeholders. As a rule DBK is remunerated with a retainer (paid during the preparation and marketing of the dealership) and a success fee (due only at the time of the deal approved by the assembly).

DBK ensure to present in a transparent way all your business, but it is not responsible for the information provided by the other party. It is up to the customer to decide what level of assistance he needs.

As a rule, DBK does not demand exclusivity in the sale. However, each case is different and depending on the negotiation can be agreed an exclusivity clause.

Yes. In general it is 12 months with termination provisions.

DBK is born in the era of the internet. Many meetings can be made by telephone and especially by Skype and many information shared by internet or WhatsApp. However, the contact "eye to eye" is still, and always will be very important. When necessary and certainly near the closing deal, we will visit the dealership and participate in meetings with buyers and sellers.

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