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Ford dealership in Brazil’s northeast:

  • Two units in contiguous areas with a great volume;
  • Sales of +180 new cars and +50 used cars/month;
  • Potential to +250 new cars and +150 used cars/month;
  • Parts sales of BRL 1.2 million/month;
  • Labor sales of BRL 415 thousand/month;
  • Dealership in operation;
  • Big structures and on the standard

Hyundai dealership in Brazil’s northeast

  • Two units in a contiguous area;
  • Dealership operating, well-structured and on the standard;
  • Sales potential of 70 new cars and 50 used cars/month;
  • Parts sales of 430 thousand/month;
  •  Trained and capable staff;
  • Rent compatible with the business

Renault dealership in the interior of São Paulo state:

  • One of the best areas of São Paulo state and of Brazil;
  • Great market with a great volume of business;
  • Very well-placed with a great volume of tickets/day;
  • Excellent complete structure, imposing the pattern;
  • It has a branch for fast services;
  • Potential of 120 new cars and 70 used cars/month;

Fiat dealership in the interior of São Paulo state:

  • Privileged acting area;
  • Potential to sell 120 new cars and 80 used cars/month;
  • Parts sales over BRL 900 thousand/month;
  • Labor sales on BRL 250 thousand/month;
  • Active and cost-effective operation;
  • Structure with large space and on the standard;
  • Imposing store front.

Kia dealership on sale in the São Paulo state

  • Great location in a noble area;
  • Great volume of tickets/day;
  • Well-entrenched structured and on the standard;
  • Excelent front with a great identification;
  • Dealership in operation and on the standard;
  • Potential to sell 30 new cars and 35 used cars/month;
  • Parts and attachments sales over BRL 300 thousand;
  • Labor sales in BRL 125 thousand/month.


Mitsubishi northeast

  • Dealership in operation and on standard;
  • Trained staff;
  • Strong regions in pick ups;
  • Potential to sell 35 new cars/month;
  • Traditional group and motivated to sell;
  • Possibility to aggregate Suzuki.

Renault and Nissan in the interior of São Paulo state

  • Both in the interior of São Paulo state;
  • Area with 500 new cars/month and 750 thousand habitants;
  • Single square attendance;
  • Dealership operating and profitable;
  • Seller motivated due to the distance from his head office;
  • Structure well-entrenched and ready to operate;
  • Nissan’s potential to sell 35 new cars and 20 used cars/month;
  • Renault’s potential to sell 45 new cars and 30 used cars/month.

Fiat interior – southeast region

  • Both about 180km from the capital;
  • Two units in neighboring cities;
  • Global potential to sell 50 new cars/month;
  • Both units operating, well-entrenched and standard;
  • Trained and capable staff;
  • Seller motivated for a fast deal.

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