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Why rely on a broker when selling your dealership?

Sell a company could be the biggest deal in a businessman life – and also very stressful. That is why, rely on a broker - an intermediary specialized in this type of operation – can be a differential to achieve the required value without harm your health.

Let is remind that, frequently who acquire a dealership already bought other companies and has a vast experience in the field. It is necessary to enhance the value of your business and know the best way to sell.




  1. Brokers has more experience

A broker Works with dealership selling and knows the market more than anybody else. He will be capable to negotiate in a rational way to obtain the best result, since he won’t be emotionally envolved.


  1. He can hear the arguments and improve the negotiation

Since he knows deeply the market of buying and selling dealerships, a broker is capable to create a sales plan, to anticipate the buyers arguments. That makes any critics to results and company’s decisions not to become personal, being used to improve the negotiation.


  1. You will have more people interest in you company

A broker have a network with businessman interests in buying your dealership. And, very often, you do not know or do not talk to people about this subject. Will have more people interest and your negotiation will be successful.


  1. With a broker you will have a chance to know and enhance the value of the strongs points of the business.

When you hire a broker, he analyses the results and other specifications of the dealership to be capable to offer to possible buyers. This previous knowledge will support you to define the best value to sell, avoiding any type of argument regarding the way you manage the company.

This is a key step to be a good broker, working the best for your interests and reaching the highest value to close the deal.


  1. He will guarantee all the discretion you need.

Is very common not want to inform all the staff, clients and friends that you are selling your dealership and avoid them to concern or not want to buy any car during the operation.

The broker work will guarantee the discretion you need. He works quietly, without giving any detail of the sale before being sure the person is a potential buyer.


  1. Brokers wants the best deal, just like you

It is best interest for both to close the best deal. The broker has a reputation and need to achieve the best sale value to keep capturing big clients. That is why you can stay calm and not afraid to lose a good deal.


  1. The value paid to a broker is an investment with a high return

Hire a broker, with experience and success deals, will contribute in a professional way to guarantee the best sale value, speed in the process and facility to find buyers and close the deal.


And one last benefit to hire a broker: you will be covered to a contract, which describes all the information’s of the service provided and protect your interest with all confidentially needed.


That is why, if you are thinking of selling your dealership, contact DBK | Dealership Brokers.We will be glad to work together and support you to do the best deal.


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